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Innterax provides you with advanced and credible all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) solutions for different forms of store networks including buying groups, retail chains, and franchises. Doesn’t matter if you’re a startup business or a large-scale enterprise, at Innterax, we guarantee to provide you round-the-clock lending assistance to grow your business more.

Our Core Products!

We Provide You With Advanced POS Solutions!

Ring up your sales by accepting payments smartly. Get your reliable POS system established today to efficiently run your store..

Newland N910

High performance and security are achieved by the dual-processor architecture of the Newland N910. It provides flexible connection through Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4G. Convenience and application are increased with the optional fingerprint reader and multipurpose docking station.

Tetra Move 5000

The TetraMove 5000 portable card reader provides the highest level of adaptability. It has continuous WiFi, 3G, or Bluetooth connectivity, works well with your point-of-sale system, allows preauthorization, and offers strong data security. Easily attend to clients who are on the go.

Tetra Desk 5000

TetraDesk 5000: Robust and potent. With its smooth point-of-sale integration, optional customer PIN pad, preauthorization functionality, and integrated data security for quick, hassle-free transactions, this fixed card machine is all business. With ease, get down to business.

Clover Flex

Clover Flex: Small and multipurpose. Designed for mobile business use. In your business, customers may sign, tap, swipe, and dip anywhere. The Clover Flex offers the utmost in ease and versatility with its integrated receipt printer and scanner. Boost your company right now.

Clover Mini

Clover Mini: A small, all-in-one point-of-sale system suitable for companies of all sizes. It provides anywhere access, quick processing, and an easy-to-use interface. Easily track sales and manage inventory while cultivating a rapport with customers. Select a software package based on your needs.

Clover Station Duo

Your ideal Point of Sale system is Clover Station Duo. Quick, safe, and adaptable. Receive different forms of payment, expedite processes, and acquire insights. Perfect for retail establishments and counter-service eateries. has strong security, two displays, a receipt printer, and cameras.

Poynt Terminal Elavon

Simplified payment software housed in a sophisticated gadget. Experiences are made effortless by intuitive features. Eight hours of wireless functionality is possible. An all-in-one cloud-based terminal that can be used as a counter or a mobile device with ease, offering a multitude of data and insights.

Samsung Kiosk

For a variety of enterprises, Samsung’s all-in-one kiosk provides excellent self-service. It’s simple to set up, use, and modify. Increase revenue, optimize processes, and improve client experiences to satisfy needs across several sectors.

Talech POS System

Talech has more than 100 functions in a POS system that is both straightforward and effective. Customized to meet the needs of different companies, it offers affordable access in real time. Talech supports businesses around the clock and puts the requirements of its clients first.

Core Features

Advanced POS Services We Provide

Ease In Management And Payments

Let’s become business payment partners so you can effortlessly manage your business payments as well as store inventory from a single and unified platform.

Online Payment Mechanism

You don’t need to rush to the bank in person because at Innterax we offer you with advanced and credible online payment mechanism to make your transactions done as well as solve your business payment issues online.

Complete Payment Solutions

Innterax provides you with complete payment solutions through a single platform – a user-friendly virtual terminal, flexible payment options, and easy billing and invoicing.

Reliable And Secure Payment Solutions

You don’t need to worry about the security and safety of your data since Innterax provides you with more secure and safe transactions solutions. You can trust our services as your cardholder data will be protected and secured utilizing advanced methods like encryption.

Innterax Puts You First!

Well-Recognized And Trustworthy Online Payment Service Providers!

Digital Marketing is the future, it’s not just a trend, it’s the future of business and marketing. So be left behind, let innterax help you out!

Customer Management

With comprehensive customer records and data, have a better target market understanding.

Easy Payment

Simple payments and smooth exchanges. Start now to enjoy a more seamless financial process.

Easy And Simple Invoicing

Get paid easily as well as record and group all your invoices and distinguish them with

Debit And Credit Card Processing

You can make transactions by using any of the methods – debit or credit card processing options

Elevate Your Business with Seamless POS Solutions!

Elevate efficiency and innovation at INNTERAX for unparalleled business triumph!

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