Performance Marketing/Online Selling (e-commerce)

  • Google Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Google Performance Max Campaigns
  • Meta Catalog Ads & Advantage+
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Bing Ads Pay Per Click campaigns

Martech Support

  • GA4 Migration and enablement
  •  GMC Feed setup 
  •  Meta Commerce Feed Enablement 
  •  Tiktok Commerce Feed Enablement and Tiktok Shop
  •  Snapchat Commerce Feed Enablement 
  •  Google Sitewide Tagging 
  •  Meta Pixel Deployment 
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) Integration 
  • 3P MMP Integration (Appsflyer/Adjust) and enablement 
  • 3P Application CEP (Customer Engagement Platform) Integration & Enablement 
  •  Google Adsense and monitzation enablement

Application Marketing

  •  Application Lauch on IOS & Andriod
  •  App upscaling via Aci and UAC Campaigns
  •  App upscaling via Fixed buying on App exchages

Programmatic Media Buying

  •  DV360 Programmatic Guranteed Deals
  •  Tradedesk Open Inventory Buying
  •  Richmedia ads deployment

Upper Funnel Marketing

  •  RnF buying
  •  Pre Inventory Reserve

Social Media Management

  •  Content Posting on social media handles
  •  Community Mangaement
  •  Social Listening
  •  Conflict management

Digital PR Management

  •  Influencer marketing planning and execution
  •  Macro and Micro Influencer management
  •  Influencer Digital meetups management
  • Articles and ads management on local and International news and entertainment publisher

Content Development

  •  Creative copy writing
  •  Blogs/Articles writing
  •  E-book writing
  •  Website SEO optimized content development
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